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Sleep Facts

How to Choose a Mattress?

Since we spend 1/3rd of our age sleeping, the decision regarding the choice of mattress is very important. To find a mattress that provides the needed support and comfort is an investment in itself.

Do You Need A New Mattress?

A mattress may feel all good and comfortable even after its ability to provide with proper support is lost. So it is necessary to take these points into consideration to know if you need a change in mattress:

  • If your mattress 7 years old or older
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • You are stiff, numb, or have aches and pains when you wake up
  • You have a better night’s sleep when you stay at a hotel or friend’s guest room
  • Your mattress has physical signs of overuse such as sags, lumps, etc.

Take a Comfort Test

Everybody has differing inclinations of comfort depending upon their body sort, rest position, and so forth. Thus one individual may rest better on a supportive sleeping pad, while another longs for a plusher or gentler feel. No comfort level is superior to another; it is all individual choice. If you are unsure that you don’t know of your comfort preference, or simply need to make sure what you think yours is, simply take a comfort test at Mattress World. Request the sales representative todemonstrate to you a model in Firm, Medium or Cushion Firm, and Plush. You should test each model for 7 – 10 minutes to guarantee that your body “feels” the mattress.

Don’t Forget The Pillow: The Bed For Your Head!

At Mattress World we offer an array of pillows to suit your preferences. Firm to Soft, optimized for side sleepers or back sleeper, we have them all. When you are testing a new mattress you need to use a proper pillow suited to your needs. In case our sales representative forgets, just ask us and we will find the one that will help you complete your sleep experience!

Lie Down In Your Typical Sleeping Position

The most ideal approach to test a bedding for comfort and support is to rests the way you would at home. Remove anything that hinders your comfort like any footwear or bulky jackets. If you prefer to sleep on your back, do as such in the store also. Then move over or stretch out to make sure you test your different dozing positions you encounter during your normal sleep. Try not to look down the significance of experimenting with the mattress on a similar side you would at home also. The key is to ensure you feel the mattress as close as conceivable to how it would be in your home.

Evaluate the Comfort and Support of the Mattress

Remember that comfort level is unique in relation to support level. The support of the mattress comes from the core. These cores can be comprised of inner springs, foams, or different materials. When you are assessing the support of the mattress you are concentrating on if the bedding is fitting in with your body shape. Focus on how your shoulders, hips, and lower back feel while lying on the mattress. The comfort of the sleeping pad originates from the upholstery. These layers are comprised of different foams and strands intended to give fluctuating levels of firmness or plushness. Comfort involves individual inclination, yet is similarly as imperative as support. When you locate the correct harmony between how the bed feels, and how the bed adjusts, you will realize that you have discovered the correct bed for you!

Partners Should Always Test a Mattress Together

If you sleep with a partner, you should try a mattress together. Only this way can you and your partner be sure of the comfort, support, and the size of the bed. It’s amazing how much space you can achieve by just going up one size. Did you know: King beds offer 25% more sleep surface than a Queen!

Comfort level

Comfort level means how the mattress feels when you are lying down on it. It is also all about personal preference. While a few of us discover a mattress with firmer upholstery layers all the more unwinding, others lean towards cradling feel of softer, plusher, comfort layers.

One manufacturer’s “Firm” may feel harder that another’s “Extra Firm”, but here is a guide to the most common comfort levels:


Firm mattresses convey an additional strong feel and have minimal measure of surface give. These mattresses are worked with superior upholstery layers which convey a strong, yet comfortable feel.

Cushion Firm

A Cushion Firm mattress is not very delicate and not very hard. These mattress are fabricated utilizing blends of supple and thick upholstery layers to convey a delicate surface and deep-down firm feel.


This mattress type offers layers of plush comfort with more surface give than a firm mattress. These mattresses include a much milder, suppler resting surface while conveying a similar deep-down firm feel. If you are someone whose preference is towards a considerable measure of delicateness, however with underlying supportive feel, you will most likely appreciate a plush mattress.

Ultra Plush

This is the softest comfort level possible. This sort of mattress is often profoundly knitted and enables the sleeper to truly sink into the surface strands because of the maximum surface give. Sleeping on an Ultra Plush mattress is only comparable with sleeping on a feather bed.